Friday, August 25, 2006

Friday progress report

Friday is here again and that means an update on what I've been doing. I continued the same 3 methods I've been doing, Chess Tactics Server, Chess Mentor, and Baburin's Winning Pawn Structures. Without further ado, here's the table:
Week Ending


Chess MentorBook
Aug. 4th1600(1624)-7000-76.3%59Baburin, Chap 1
Aug. 11th1614(1624)-7807-76.8%67Baburin, Chap 2
Aug. 18th1615(1634)-8770-76.3%72Baburin, Chap 3
Aug. 25th1623(1637)-9900-77.6%79Baburin, Chap 4+5

I managed to do 2 chapters in Baburin's book partly because they were shorter and partly because it was the first weekend I had in a month to work on chess. Two more chapters from that book will conclude the first section and then I will put it aside for a while.

At first I planned to to replace the book work from Baburin with Silman's Reassess Your Chess Workbook. However, after reading about Stean's Simple Chess on Blue Devil's blog, I decided to read a few more reviews and everyone raves about this book including more than one person in my rating class who attributes a lot of his recent success to reading and re-reading Stean's book. So, I've planned to read this book before Silman's.

I also have just one more week before I go, as Tempo would say, on holiday. Hopefully I will finish the first section of Baburin's book in that week. While I am away, I will take a book of checkmate problems with me to "stay in shape." It's a decent enough book for that purpose. It has mate in 2 through mate in 6 problems. I am currently on mate in 4. Once I get back from vacation I'll continue with CTS and start on CT-Art and Simple Chess. So now the plan is laid out for the near future and hopefully regular posting here will keep me on track.

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