Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Missed Tactic

Tonight I played a game at a moderate time control and missed a tactic that I feel I should not miss. So, for public flogging, I present here my missed tactical opportunity:
White to Play
My opponent has just played his queen to a7 from b6. I can sense that this move isn't really accomplishing anything and the fact that he has no defenders on the kingside is a second clue that I might have a possibility. I had been considering Bh6 as a possibility ever since my queen came to g3 to create more weakness around the king. I have even already though of taking the bishop d4 with my rook so that I control all the dark squares.

The solution is coming soon, so if you want to solve this one yourself, don't read any further.

I could see easily the line Rxd4 Qxd4 Be5 threatening the queen and checkmate. But I thought Rxd4 Rxd4 Be5 only threatens to win back the exchang that I just sacked, so I gave up. The winning line is Rxd4 Rxd4 Bh6! and now there is no way to defend g7. For example, g6 Qe5 f6 Qxe6+ Kh8 Qxf6+ Kg8 Qg7#.

I wound up winning this game after later inaccurate tactical moves led to an opposite colored bishop ending where my opponent allowed me a passed pawn that he had to give his bishop for. He also hung a couple of his pawns in the process and I easily had enough extra material to finish off the win. At one point the game was dead drawn in the opposite colored bishop ending, but this is a perfect example of the difference between theory and practice. The guy was about my same rating on FICS and I would have imagined he should be able to draw that game easily. C'est la vie.

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At 3:21 PM, Blogger transformation said...

thank you for the comment. with such a low RD on my weekend off wed/thr, i can tell you, it means i went off the deep end trying SO hard to touch 1540, then, of course, to get back to 1535, then 1530. im sure we have all been there! this white heat compulsion to get it back.

since i had been to 1535 several times in late spring, this was important to me--enough to allow a shoddy 85.4% session, 79.8% to start out, despite percentage being my main goal, and sacrifice it for a day or two...

ive been to 1535 this week, then down to 1519, then up to 1538. the rise from 1500 to 1535 happened in one day. so sweet.

i should have stopped at 1538 and rested!?


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