Monday, October 02, 2006

CT-Art level 20

Just a quick update tonight. I did the first 50 problems in level 20. I was a little distracted and didn't get to do them all in one sitting, but I think it took a little under an hour, or about a minute per problem. Most problems were still pretty straightforward, but some really made me think. After 50 problems I'm at 95% success for level 20, slightly less than my level 10 score. There are 286 problems in level 20, so I'll probably be doing these for the rest of the week.

CT-Art Results:
  • level 10: 97% (110 problems)
  • level 20: 95% (50 problems)
  • elo: 1956



At 11:30 PM, Blogger transformation said...

dear loomis, pc connectivity problems today, i wrote you a long note to your last post, but it didnt print when i thought it was validated, oh well, ISP broadband folks will come tomorrow to check my signal, and repeated powerboasting eight or more times a day is not accepable for paid premium service! ...

and while i very much wished to suggest, in response to your last post, that you do practice first, and not do 'test', as i already wrote and assume you did not see, you are already doing this, so it is perhaps a mute point now....

since i cannot muster the energy to repeat all that i said--now--it will force me to recollect the meat if any of what i was attempting to say:

many rush through the circles, and when we have CTS for speed, i say take it slow.

i am up to problem 476, and was 2100 to end of second series, or was it start of third, but sand thereafter, and as you have well heard, it starts to get really harder.

nice post by samuraichess today on this point, and sticking to the plan....

i do think that rote memorization of CT=Art to start is bad, but to sit and chew the problems slowly and have THE EXPERIENCE RATHER than the answers is the key.

when i do a lot of CTA3 THEN go back to CTS, it is like doing karate or running with legweights, then taking them off and feeling light....

i finally hit 85.0 at CTS at 1500 and sank as i went for 100 success straight, but we can get that all back; i you happen to see it, my last two posts are perhaps appropos.

WCC quite the farce? and it seems to boil down to while K was not respected for dodging competition, he is coming out good here. i wanted T to win, but disappointed in his people. but i am not there, and not inside. patzers mind has lovely legal analysis, and he is a lawyer, as you may know. take care, dk

At 7:53 AM, Blogger SamuraiPawn said...

Great results! Stay in there and, just like Transformations siggests, chew those problems slowly. Keep up the good work!



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