Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Level 40

I'm working through level 40 on CT-Art.

There are a lot of subtle problems on this level and some of them have alternate solutions. For example, problem 707. The diagram comes a few moves in:

White to move

The solution given is Rb8. The simple threat is c7, the rook on b8 allows Nxc7 to be met by Bxc7 simultaneously defending the b8 rook. Black can also try Nxd8 c7 Ne6 Rxe8 Nxc7 and white can easily pick up the a pawn to be ahead an exchange and a pawn.

A fine way to win, but white can also play c7 immediately from the diagram. CT-Art gives c7 a "?" due to the response Nxc7! (The "!" is their's as well). These are odd markings because Rxc7+ Ke6 (to trap the bishop) Bxg5 hxg5 Ra7 leaves white up three clear pawns in the endgame. Despite what people say about rook endings being drawn, I had no problem converting this against the built in crafy engine.

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At 2:41 AM, Blogger transformation said...

level four already? wow.

you are helping me get hungry to start back, now that i just finished another gigantic CTS unit

--98.1%+ for the last 571 tries, and 94.00% for the last 1283 tries,

so time to shift gears, again, as i start up my next RHP game, working very deeply in the opening now...

i always appreciate your blog, and count on it.

warmly, dk

At 4:27 PM, Blogger Loomis said...

Lately the only chess I've been doing is CT-Art. So I'm moving pretty steadily through the levels. I'm disappointed in myself for lack of improvement. I hope I can find the depth of character to adequately educate myself on these problems rather than just do them over and over again.


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