Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I feel like I've seen this post from other bloggers. My hard drive crashed. At the moment it doesn't look like I'll recover any data from it. Everything really important was stored elsewhere, but this does not include CT-Art stats.

As of the crash, I had about 16 problems to go before completing the 1209 problems. What a heart breaker. My percentage on the level 90 and above problems was 69% and my CT-Art elo was 2610. At this point I consider myself having gone through the problem set once. My computer is up and running with a new hard drive. I'll probably re-install CT-Art and do the problems over -- hopefully better.



At 3:38 PM, Blogger XY said...

I've had Windows crash on me twice. Through luck and some it-acrobatics I managed to save all important data each time, but enough is enough and now I backup everything regularily. Even if it never crashes again I feel safer this way...

At 4:40 PM, Blogger Loomis said...

I'm not sure if it was Windows or a physical problem with the hard drive.. which now makes a clicking sound whenever the computer tries to access it.

Anyway, yes, everything really important was duplicated elsewhere, that just doesn't include CT-Art stats.

At 5:21 PM, Blogger Temposchlucker said...


At 9:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Loomis—I've been playing with automated onsite and offsite backup solutions literally for years, and I finally settled on Mozy as the easiest, most seamless solution. And if you have less than 2 GB of data to back up, it's free. Otherwise, you get to back up an unlimited amount of data for $5 per computer per month.

-Steve Eddins

At 2:28 AM, Blogger Cratercat said...

Just want to commiserate for your data loss (I've been there too; lost a huge cache my played games once from a crash). I now have an external hard drive that I occasionally just click and drag files into for duplication.

At 8:14 AM, Blogger transformation said...

darn. sorry.

but within each misfortune, contains the seeds of a future benefit.

when my notebook (old!) fritzed out, it was like being reborn.

congratulations on the substantially complete finish of CT-Art. Bravo.

warmest, dk


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