Thursday, July 12, 2007

Random positions

Not a whole lot to say lately. Just plugging along. Here are some positions from recent games:
White to play

This is from a blitz game. Here white is losing the b-pawn, so I decided to go for a swindle. Here were the next moves: g4 Nxb3 g5 and black falls for it, hxg5??

White to play

Now white has a winning tactic. Rf3 threatening mate on h3 and the knight on b3. Phew, I got away with one there!

Here is an example of an un-developed queenside. White has made a bunch of queen moves and has now tried to lock the center with d5:

Black to play

But it turns out the rook on e1 is overworked. Black can break through with Nxe4. White didn't put up the toughest resistance. The game continued Rxe4 Qxc1 Kh2 Qxd2 Nbxd2 etc.

Lastly, an example of breaking open the center. Opening the center is generally better for the better developed side. That's a good rule of thumb for getting ideas, but you also have to calculate quite a bit because a lot of lines will be open.

White to play

White is a little more developed due to the rook on d1. More importantly, white's pieces are actually aimed at targets. The e3 bishop attacks the b6 knight and the d2 queen is lined up on d7 bishop while both of these pieces are defended by the queen. Also important is that the d1 rook is lined up on the queen.

So white opens it up with d5 exd5 Bxb6, the game continued with Qxb6. A better try, but still good for white would have been axb6 exd5 Be8 Qxc4. The game move loses quickly exd5 and now both bishops are under attack.

Lastly, an update on CT-Art progress. The last level is problems with difficulty 90 and above:
Level 90 and above: 74%, 22 problems done, 45 to go.
Ct-Art elo: 2587
1164 problems done, 45 left. Then, who knows, back to the beginning??

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At 12:45 PM, Blogger Wahrheit said...

Instructive positions--I especially enjoyed the first one, a swindle anyone could be proud of. No one expects to get mated when there are only a couple of pieces on the board.

At 6:01 PM, Blogger transformation said...

that was a very kind comment from you at my post, just now;

i spent yesterday migrating data off my old pc to the desktop, and that included my much discussed file of classic GM games, with 941 games, incl fischer, zurich, my system, stohl instructive modern...

i sent it to bdk, tempo, blunderp, chess relearner, robert pearson.

if you want a copy, pls email me at:

this is, of course, not my regular email... but from there can write you at my main email, secure.

so busy, here? yes.

i played 443 bullet games in 21 days, AFTER and along with all those massive posts at my blog. lots of watts and juoles!

and have started to analyse my blitz games, with mr fritz8 (he is good enough, for this).

when i go back to CT-Art 3.0, i will, as you suggest with real zitzfleisch, and make a hole in my chair, but must wait a few weeks till other projects clear. :)

if you want a cc, the guys who have all see it, loved it, it is ALL there. no annotations (we get to do that ourselves), only refering back to nunn, timman, chernev, nimzowitch, etc AFTER we have studied them, not before. :)

warmest, dk


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