Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Level 20, rep 4

I finished level 20 rep 4. Significantly faster than last time through and at a higher percentage -- 98% (up from 92%, 94%, 95%). On to the real test of level 30, the real thorn in my side. I'm out of town Thursday to Monday which will slow me down a little. That's life, no wonder I can't do it the same as DLM.

Some concrete things I wrote down this time through:
-- Exercises 145 and 352 are the same
-- Exercises 217 and 228 are the same

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At 11:52 AM, Blogger Blue Devil Knight said...

Insanely, I actually had the thought of cancelling a trip to a neuroscience conference because I didn't want to interrupt my chess action.

At 9:23 PM, Blogger Joshua said...


I run the chess video site ChessVideos.TV. We recently created a visualization trainer for people seeking to improve their visualization and tactical abilities. Since you have a blog devoted to intensive tactics training, I was curious what you thought about our visualization exercises. If you have time to check it out, please let me know. Thanks!

At 11:18 AM, Blogger likesforests said...

I'm glad that you're making real progress on the circles this time in terms of speed and accuracy.


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