Friday, August 31, 2007

level 20, rep 3

I finished my 3rd rep of level 20 of CT-Art. I did this level at 95% -- hardly different than rep 2. Disappointing. I'll get 'em next time! By the way, level 20 has a handful of problems that appear twice in the level, quite odd for a level that has far more problems than any other level.

In positive news. I have located the chess club here in my new town. There is a decent size group of players who meet at a coffee house on Saturday afternoons. There are some good players there too. I got some good games last week -- and a couple good whoopings. It's great to have a place to play live chess, invigorating for the chess soul.

Unrelated to my personal chess improvement is the start of the US Chess League. The team from my old home town, Carolina Cobras, are off to a rough start. They have started blogging and as soon as they settle on the name of their site, I'll have a link to it in the sidebar.

CT-Art rep table:
| Level | Rep 1 | Rep 2 | Rep 3 |
| 10 | 97% | 99% | 99% |
| 20 | 92% | 94% | 95% |
| 30 | 86% | 86% | ?? |
| 40 | 77% | 77% | ?? |
See the last few posts for groaning about my lack of improvement and what I'm doing differently to counter act that problem.



At 8:57 PM, Blogger Blue Devil Knight said...

Once I get into the 90s I think improvement starts to plateau (it exponentially increases but the rate of increase slows in the 90s). Perhaps in the higher levels your ratings will have more room to improve and it will be more noticeable.

At 4:17 AM, Blogger transformation said...

nice going Loomis.

i started back today, and level five is HARD. i see some tactical shots, but think to myself, if it APPEARS LIKE the move, it probably isnt the move, de facto, level five seems to be about what level four cannot 'see'.

in any event, warm regards to you; i check into your blog often, and always greatly enjoy anything that you say, as, as always, you are one step (or two, or three!) ahead of me...

energy for CTS is wearing out, and its time for CT-Art 3.0 in a big way indeed.

warmest, dk

At 12:39 PM, Blogger Loomis said...

DK, I know what you mean about the transition between level 40 and 50. I think there is a similar effect transitioning between any two levels.

I've thought a little bit about the psychology of CT-Art. After doing hundreds of problems on a particular level, you get used to the difficulty of the problem. I'm sure that subconciously I don't consider some lines because they are too complex -- more complex than would be appropriate for the level they're on.

The problem is, if you get in that mode over the course of a level, when you move to the next level you might be working from behind. Your own mind keeping itself from performing at it's maximum.


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