Tuesday, October 24, 2006

100 Done (level 30, CT-Art)

I just finished 100 problems in level 30. So I'm taking a break to read from my chess books. Here are the CT-Art stats so far:
  • level 10: 97% (110 problems)
  • level 20: 92% (286 problems)
  • level 30: 86% (100 done, 121 remain)
  • elo: 2138

As I predicted, the level 30 percentage has come down a bit. Some level 30 problems are simple, but most require a lot of calculation. There are some really clever tactics on this level. At least, it seems that way having never seen them. Hopefully once I learn them cold they will become simple as well.

I'm happy enough with my rate of solving so far. I'm hoping to finish the 1209 problems by the end of the year. I've done 496 problems so that leaves me 713 to do. I have a bout 9.5 weeks 'til the end of the year, but I'll be traveling this weekend as well as Thanksgiving (late November) and Christmas (end of December), so I probably need to stick with about 100 problems per week. In fact, it's probably best to do a little more than that while I'm still on the lower levels.

I've noticed quite a growing number of people, including even Temposchlucker now, who have decided to do CTS problems slowly. I think it's important to do tactics at all speeds. Lots of problems in rapid succession, tough problems requiring 1-5 minutes or sometimes more, and deep analysis of a single position (Stoyko exercise) or game annotation. For now I'll just say that I think CTS problems are best suited for the rapid succession category because of the way they are rated. I may say more about this later if I can muster enough energy to make my thoughts coherent.

My last tournament is now rated, just a minor rating change for me: 1702 -> 1707

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