Friday, October 06, 2006

Friday update

Time for the weekly update. First, the CT-Art stats:
  • level 10: 97% (110 problems)
  • level 20: 92% (183 problems)
  • elo: 2029

The level 20 percentage is already coming down. Most of level 20 is still relatively easy (a fair bit of mate in 2), but many are complicated enough to make me calculate. Given that the higher levels should be even tougher, it looks like this will be good for making me work hard. With another 103 problems left on level 20, I should finish in the middle of next week.

This week was a down week at Chess Tactics Server (CTS). I finished with a rating of 1650 (high 1672) after 15388 tries. At the end of last week and the beginning of this week when I made my high of 1672 I was focused on seeing all my pieces and their lines. This works very well for me, but unlike other things I have worked on, I can't seem to get it into a subconcious (auto) process.

Another thing I worked on this week at CTS is finding undefended or underdefended pieces. As the saying goes "Loose pieces drop off," so I figure if you can find the loose pieces, then it's just a matter of figuring out how to get them. A lot of times this is the order in which I recognize a pattern, first I see a weakness then I see how my pieces get to it. Unfortunately, to do this efficiently, I have to already know where my pieces are and where they can go. So I need to get both these things in my auto-process, but right now I seem to only do one at a time. I'm certainly not doing both efficiently.

Upcoming tournaments: One day, 3 rounds at G/75 tomorrow. Two day, 5 rounds, next week.

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At 5:45 AM, Blogger likesforests said...

Hi Loomis,

Good luck on your tournament tomorrow!

At 5:04 PM, Anonymous Samurai Pawn said...

Hey Loomis,

Also wanted to wish you good luck in your tournament!


At 5:04 PM, Anonymous Samurai Pawn said...

I thought I would respond here on your thoughts about jumbling themes together somehow with CT-Art to really gauge yuor progress. MDLM mentions a book by John Nunn called John Nunn's Chess Puzzle Book. According to him it should be a good follow-up to the Seven Circles. Maybe it would be a good idea to learn the themes first during the Seven Circles, and then test/improve your progress by solving problems from a new source where you don't know the themes beforehand.



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