Sunday, November 19, 2006

2 games from the weekend

This weekend I played a 3 round match between a few local clubs. I've posted my games with full annotations from the 2nd and 3rd round at, the exact links are: and Hopefully there are things to be learned from those games.

The second round game features poor play by me culminating in my opponent making a tactical mistake that hangs a piece. I almost win the piece but foul up the idea and then he hangs a rook in time pressure. This game is another example that you don't have to have a positional advantage to have a winning tactic. At least not at the 1700-1900 level.

In the third round game I unsoundly sacked a piece but my opponent didn't properly refute the idea. At the end of the game I took a perpetual when I had a winning tactic on the board. It's kind of a long tactic, but the beginning of the idea was pretty simple and I didn't even consider it. Oh well.

I've come across more errors in CT-Art, but I'll save the diagrams for a later post. I'm now pretty sure that I won't finish the 1209 problems by the end of the year. I just don't have time to keep up that pace -- at least not while doing other things like playing in tournaments and annotating my games. Here are my current CT-Art stats:
  • level 10: 97% (110 problems)
  • level 20: 92% (286 problems)
  • level 30: 86% (221 problems)
  • level 40: 85% (83 done, 121 to go)
  • elo: 2243

That's 700 total problems done. Leaving 509 to do. In the last week I did 71 problems. If that is a maintainable pace, it will take me just over 7 weeks to fully finish. There are 6 weeks left in the year (minus vacation time). So I expect to finish within the first two weeks of the new year.

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At 4:56 PM, Blogger transformation said...


i had a goal to finish my circle, by 31 dec, but my injuries took over, but now im focused on 96% success at CTS as dogWaste, recently 4/398=402 correct, with the first 141 in a row correct... of course, dktransform still is there... at 85%.

ive always suspected you have a bit more chess than me, and your numbers here indicate that. not by a wide margin, but by a bit. bravo!

wormwood and tempo are moving onto endings, as i will in the new year also, so we are seeing group effect...



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