Friday, April 27, 2007

Getting back into it

I'm picking up the pace getting back into chess study. I've started in on Level 50 of CT-Art and so far it's going well. As usual, the levels are easier at the beginning, so my percentage is pretty good so far and I expect it to drop later in the level despite my best efforts.

The problems of level 50 often require very deep calculations. Sometimes there are very long problems that leave you only gaining a pawn -- these are very frustrating. Without further ado, here are the current stats:
Level 10: 97% (110 problems)
Level 20: 92% (286 problems)
Level 30: 86% (221 problems)
Level 40: 77% (204 problems)
Level 50: 84% (31 done, 103 to go)

I also saw a new website for chess tactics, It uses a rating system similar to CTS, but they don't have the same timing restrictions -- I know a lot of people will like that. So far it's brand new, and honestly they are still some issues. Until there are more users, the rating system doesn't really work properly because the problems don't have accurate ratings. I like the interface though, so we'll see if it picks up popularity.



At 4:05 AM, Blogger transformation said...

thank you. sorry for missing this--how many minutes in a day. but, all the same, i respect your work very much. thank you also for that.

i take it sincerely that you looked at my post, but didnt understand it, short of carefully reading and rereading, which is more than i can expect of even a good friend...

i had not seen this new site, and will check it out.

hope all is well with you, and till next time--

warmly, /david
[ps i added a bunch of new links tonight, a LOT of work indeed]


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